the Smart Collge

If countries wanted to escort with the ongoing developments in the world, they should pay education the most priority so it could reach the world caravan that aims at sustainable development in 2020 – 2030 which education is one of its bases.

From this starting off our rational government payed education most of its care, and bore the responsibility to spread Knowledge in all parts of the country, giving the chance for the special sector to share in that, thus there was economic initiatives from the ministry of education to allocate it and give chance to the special sector to share guiding education to achieve this vision.

As its habit the Arabian Group Company in response to homeland’s call for participating in all parts for building economy and human brains the company build Ufuq Private College in Najran which will admit both genders males and females.

Ufuq Private College in Najran is one of the greatest private colleges there, it includes the following specialties:

  • computer
  • Business Administration.